PAC Reveals TX and NV PICKS

October 11, 2018




Ten Calls and No Answer from One Candidate

Another Campaign Office Can’t Be Bothered

Put Vets First! Names the Champs and Slackers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  MAJ Brian Hampton USAR (Ret) 703-237-8980

The pundits and pollsters are handicapping all of the races for the 23 seats that could flip the House and the two that could flip the Senate. The vast majority of PACs are either liberal / progressive Democratic or conservative / moderate Republican. Red or Blue; one or the other.

Put Vets First! PAC (PVF) is not about party; it is all about veterans. Which candidate is the most steadfast supporter of American Veterans? Who has the record of fighting for veterans? Who walks the walk and talks the talk? Who can veterans count on when the chips are low?

In the home stretch to the 2018 elections, PVF is concentrating its focus on the most pivotal elections, the toss up seats that could go either way and the contests where the support of veterans make the difference for victories.


President Trump carried this state by 9% in 2016.

On February 22, 2017, the Senate/House post office delivered a letter addressed to Senator Ted Cruz requesting that he affirm the four principals of the Veterans’ Bill of Rights (VBOR). Ten follow-up calls were made to his office after March 10, 2017 asking him to join 330 former and current Members in affirming the VBOR.

Ten Contacts to Senate Office for Veterans: No One Home!

There was zero response to messages left for his legislative aide for veterans’ affairs. Messages were left with the receptionists, messages were left in the voicemails…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10 times…Stonewalled by the Cruz Office.

Senator Cruz did add language to the VA appropriations bill requiring the VA Secretary to provide a plan to diminish the long wait times. With a majority of Senators, he sponsored and supported the VA Accountability Act. He has done something in the last six years.

His Senate opponent, Congressman Beto O’ Rourke, on the other hand, affirmed the VBOR after choosing to serve on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and has readily affirmed the VBOR in every Congress.

Senator Cruz Runs for President: Has No Platform for Veterans????!!!!

Starting in the summer of 2015, every viable presidential candidate was sent a 12-page Platform for Veterans. This was sent to five Democrats and 17 Republicans. Then-candidate Donald Trump picked up on five points of the Action Plan. Our organization tracked each of the candidates’ platforms on veterans and reported those amounts to the nation.


Jeb Bush had the most veterans-related content on his campaign website; Senator Cruz had the least with just a few lines on veterans’ issues. This shows he is a slacker for veterans compared to the rest of the candidates.

CLEAR CALL: PVF enthusiastically supports Congressman Beto O’Rourke for election to the U. S. Senate. He has as much energy and passion for veterans as he has campaigning for the Texas Senate seat. First and foremost, he Puts Veterans First!

Recent polls show the Senator leading the Congressman by 4% to 6%; others show the gap narrowing for one of the most watched races in the nation.

Let’s elect Congressman O’Rourke to Senate!


Senator Dean Heller squeaked to a second term by 46% in 2012. He has his “hands full” in the 2018 faceoff with Congresswoman Jacky Rosen who won her first term with only 47%.

A RealClearPolitics poll from October 9th showed Heller trailing Rosen by 2%. A Clear Water poll from the month had Heller up by over 7%, so the momentum seems to be with the challenger.

In office, Congresswoman Rosen has been strong on veterans’ issues and helped to get Nevada residents VA loans. She also pledged to cut red tape for veterans and make the VA more accountable.

Yet, leadership comes from the top. In a recent call to the Rosen campaign office, the receptionist refused to take a message for the political director and would not provide an e-mail address. PVF staff was told to send the receptionist an e-mail, which she would forward.

What Campaign Won’t Take a Message or Give out E-mail Addresses?

Put Vets First! PAC does not just review websites, read campaign news releases and study the internet. PVF goes straight to the campaigns. Are they responsive? Are they slugs? Then we report the “real deal” on candidates to the public.

NO RESPONSE: The Rosen campaign never responded to PVF’s email asking the Congresswoman to read and affirm the tenets of the Veterans’ Bill of Rights. If a campaign office will not respond to a national veteran’s organization willing to support them, what are the chances they will respond to veterans left behind? The indications are Very Slim.

Heller a Fighter for Veterans: Rosen Nobody Home

Senator Heller has proven to be a strong candidate for veterans. He sits on the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, one of the less glamorous and sought after Senate Committees. As a Committee Member, he has been a strong and tireless advocate for enhancing the delivery of services to veterans.

Among other initiatives, he has fought for a bill that will approve a new medical facility in Reno; supported the Department of Veterans Affairs Bonus Transparency Act which increases access to integrated-care and providers while increasing efficiency at the VA; and backed a bill to allow veterans with a service-connected permanent disability to travel on a military aircraft, the same as other retired veterans.

CLEAR CALL FOR PVF: Senator Heller was previously named an All Star for Veterans. He is one of the strongest supporters in Congress of our veterans, and his office is known as a “go to” place for veterans needing assistance.

Keep him in the fight for our veterans! Elect him for a third term!

Since 2010, Put Vets First! PAC has worked to make veterans a top national priority by supporting the election of Champions for Veterans, raising the profile of veterans nationwide and opposing the election of those who do not seem to have it in them to work to Put Vets First.