PVF Makes senate picks in CA & NJ

Released: October 30, 2018



85 Year Old Candidate Said to Have Energy of One 55

Slacker and Scandal Ridden Senator on Way Out

Put Vets First PAC (PVF) does not care what side of the aisle you stand on; it is all about veterans. Which candidate is the most prominent supporter of American Veterans? Who has the fighting spirit for veterans? Who can veterans count on when they need help? Who believes veterans are more than just a photo-op? 

Election 2018 is a week away! Right now, the Senate has two seats that can flip while the House has 23. The majority of PACs focus on supporting candidates based on political party. PVF does not do that and does not pick the side of Republican or Democrat. PVF supports those who are champions for Veterans. 

In the home stretch to the 2018 elections, PVF is concentrating its focus on the most pivotal elections - the toss up seats. The support of veterans often makes the difference for victories. 


Can the Democrats hold Dianne Feinstein’s seat this year? Or will it flip to fellow Democrat Kevin de Leon? This race is another tight one. The Public Policy Institute of California conducted a poll, and they report that California voters are leaning towards Ms. Feinstein. However, the only numbers that count are the results on election day.

Tiger Juice, Good Genes or Clean Living?

By all accounts, the 85-year-old incumbent, Dianne Feinstein (D), has the energy and vitality of a person 20 to 30 years younger. Her opponent has made a subliminal attempt to make age an issue in the campaign; by all accounts, that has not worked much.

Senator Feinstein, unlike fellow Democrat Kevin de Leon, is a CHAMPION for veterans. She has a record of accomplishment, always continuing to be a watchdog for American Veterans. The Senator won her last election in 2012 by 63% of the vote; she is now vying for her remarkable sixth term. 

Champion for Homeless Vets

Many years ago, she Co-Chaired the Campaign for American Heroes, a successful campaign to assist a transitional facility for homeless veterans in the National Capital Area. When the campaign kicked off at the downtown Army Navy Club, Senator Feinstein came and presented her own personal check.

When one puts their own name and money on the line, such as a personal check, that is the sort of commitment to veterans that is rarely seen and should be applauded.

Kevin de Leon does not mention veterans on his campaign website. If a candidate forgets about veterans during a campaign, one can assume they will be an afterthought, at best, if elected. In California, there is a Champion for Veterans and a Slacker. 

PVF applauds Sen. Feinstein for being a stalwart champion for America’s Veterans! California voters should be proud to vote for her for another term in the United States Senate where she can continue the good fight to Put Veterans First! 


On the other side of the country, there is a major race for the Senate seat in New Jersey. Incumbent Bob Menendez won his last election by 53% of the vote. For weeks, Sen. Menendez was not even on the “toss up” radar. Now, the polls are predicting if Republican Bob Hugin continues fighting, Menendez could be gone. 

What? A Republican could win in New Jersey? It just might be the case that a Republican takes the deep blue state of New Jersey. Election day may show that the voters of New Jersey are fed up with Menendez’s ongoing scandals. 

A Marine Corps active duty officer from 1973-1983, Veteran Bob Hugin not only served his country in uniform, but also promises to be a strong advocate for veterans in the Senate. He has a campaign video on his website discussing how he will advocate and make changes that Veterans deserve! 

You Cannot Tell This Guy Much: He Knows Already!

“You can always tell a Marine, but you can never tell him much” is the old Army joke about Marines. However, Bob Hugin says it best when he states that he will stand up for those who stood up for America

Meanwhile, Sen. Menendez has supported veterans and homeless veterans, but PVF believes that Bob Hugin will put up more of a fight. Sen. Menendez does not have much about veterans’ issues on his campaign website either! 

PVF encourages voters to elect Bob Hugin to the U. S. Senate. He will be a strong representative for New Jersey and veterans nationwide. 

Put Vets First! PAC also encourages the public and the media to check out the websites of these candidates, which is much easier than one might imagine. These websites are often telling.

Simply search online for “[Enter name of candidate] for Congress.” Then, check out their website to see how much is devoted to veterans, a sure measure of their passion for our veterans. Bingo…there is where you will find their priorities.  

Since 2010, Put Vets First! PAC has worked to make veterans a top national priority by supporting the election of Champions for Veterans, raising the profile of veterans nationwide and opposing the election of those who treat veterans as an afterthought.