Released: October 26, 2018


Top Marginal Races in IL, MI, MN & NC

Champions and Slackers for Vets Revealed

Put Vets First! PAC (PVF) is not about party; it is all about veterans.  Which candidate is the most steadfast supporter of American Veterans? Who has the record of fighting for veterans?  Who walks the walk and talks the talk?  Who can veterans count on when the chips are low?

The pundits and pollsters are handicapping all of the races for the 23 seats that could flip the House and the two that could flip the Senate. The vast majority of PACs are either liberal / progressive Democratic or conservative / moderate Republican. Red or Blue; one or the other.

In the home stretch to the 2018 elections, PVF is concentrating its focus on the most pivotal elections, the toss up seats that could go either way and the contests where the support of veterans make the difference for victories.



The Republican incumbent, Mike Bost, is facing-off against Democrat Brendan Kelly. According to the latest filing, Bost raised over $2.4 million with nearly $700,000 cash on hand; Kelly raised around $2.9 million with just over $200,000 cash on hand.
Both contenders are veterans and seem like find candidates. However, Congressman Bost has affirmed the Veterans’ Bill of Rights, pledging to make veterans a top priority and hold the VA accountable and ensure they do their job. He even introduced the Veterans’ Compensation COLA Act of 2018 in February to provide a cost-of-living adjustment for veterans. It was signed into law earlier this month by President Trump.
Mr. Kelly is an attorney and former Navy officer. PVF salutes his service to this country; unfortunately, veterans are not listed as a priority on his website. His priorities include “infrastructure, fighting the powerful, and holding big pharma in check.”    
PVF supports Cong. Bost! He has already proven to be a Champion for Veterans and will continue his fight if re-elected.


Both parties are vying for the open seat for Michigan’s 11thDistrict. The race is another close one with a RealClearPolitics poll released October 19th showing them in a tie, both with 48% of the vote.  
According to the most recent filing, Republican candidate, Lena Epstein, raised $2.1 million; her opponent, Haley Stevens raised $2.9 million.
Ms. Stevens’ has placed veterans’ issues as a top priority, and she has a record to back it up. Her experience includes developing workforce training programs for service members, and she has promised to ensure the VA is serving our veterans.

Ms. Epstein, on the other hand, has no veterans’ platform on her website. Therefore, one can only assume that veterans are not a priority for her campaign and would not be a priority if elected into Congress.
PVF is going with the candidate that has a record of service to veterans. Vote for Ms. Stevens in November!


The 1st District of Minnesota is a highly contested open seat in this year’s midterm election. The current Congressman won by only 50% of the vote in 2016. This year’s race looks to be just as close.
The Democratic candidate, Dan Feehan, is an Army Veteran and was deployed to Iraq twice. He has a strong pro-military and pro-national defense platform; however, there is much to be desired when it comes to a Veterans platform. While his service is commendable, PVF wants to know what actions he will take if elected into office to enhance the lives of our American heroes and ensure the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is held accountable.
On the other hand, his Republican opponent, Jim Hagedorn, has outlined a three-part plan that can be reviewed in detail on his website. He has a real strategy for serving our Veterans that includes reforming the VA and improving veterans’ access to health care through increased choice of doctors and options for purchasing affordable insurance.  
The most recent filing shows that while Hagedorn raised over $1.1 million, Feehan’s campaign received nearly triple that amount at $3.1 million.  
PVF is not concerned with the fundraising numbers though, and supports electing Jim Hagedorn to Congress! He will fight on behalf of our Veterans and ensure the VA is held accountable.


North Carolina’s 9th District is yet another tight race in a highly publicized campaign. Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready are vying over this open seat, with McCready raising $4.3 million to Harris’ $1.6 million raised.

However, of real interest to PVF is how these candidates will support veterans if elected to office.
Marine Corps Veteran Dan McCready not only served his country in uniform, but also says he will be a strong advocate for veterans as a Congressman. He even gave a portion of his company’s profits to veterans according to his website.
His opponent, Mark Harris, believes that this country should honor our Veterans. PVF agrees with that statement. However, McCready appears to both “talk the talk” and “walk the walk.”

PVF encourages voters to elect Dan McCready for Congressman! He will be a fine representative of North Carolina’s 9th District and veterans nationwide.
Put Vets First! PAC also encourages the public and the media to check out the websites of these candidates, which is much easier than one might imagine. These websites are often pretty telling.
Simply search online for “[Enter name of candidate] for Congress.” Then, check out their site and how much is devoted to veterans, a sure measure of his passion for our veterans. Bingo…there is where you will find their priorities.  
Since 2010, Put Vets First! PAC has worked to make veterans a top national priority by supporting the election of Champions for Veterans, raising the profile of veterans nationwide and opposing the election of those who treat veterans as an afterthought.