Released: October 17, 2018



What Are Their Chances? How Much Money Did They Raise?

Which Candidates Stand Tall for Vets? Who Stands Down?

The pundits and pollsters are handicapping all of the races for the 23 seats that could flip the House and the two that could flip the Senate. The vast majority of PACs are either liberal / progressive Democratic or conservative / moderate Republican. Red or Blue; one or the other.

Put Vets First! PAC (PVF) is not about party; it is all about veterans.  Which candidate is the most steadfast supporter of American Veterans? Who has the record of fighting for veterans?  Who walks the walk and talks the talk?  Who can veterans count on when the chips are low?

In the home stretch to the 2018 elections, PVF is concentrating its focus on the most pivotal elections, the toss up seats that could go either way and the contests where the support of veterans make the difference for victories.

CALIFORNA 10th – Southeast of San Francisco, includes Modesto

The Democratic challenger Josh Harder is running for office for the first time and has his eye on helping veterans, including prioritizing mental health care and substance abuse treatment, ending the backlog at the VA, and creating more educational and job placement services for veterans.

Incumbent Jeff Denham, in his fourth term, is a 16-year Air Force Veteran in active and reserve duty. He serves on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and he is one of 330 former and current Members of Congress who affirmed the Veterans’ Bills of Rights.

According to the last FEC report, Denham had raised over $4 million with $1.9 million on hand; Harder raised about $6 million with over $1.5 million cash on hand.

The 10th District in California is a highly watched “toss up” state; Denham only won by 54% in 2016.  Either candidate will work hard for veterans, but Congressman Denham gets the nod from PVF because he has shown to be a leader for veterans' causes. He is the real deal for American Veterans.

CALIFORNIA 25th – includes parts of Los Angeles and Ventura 

In the California race for the 25th District, Republican Congressman Steve Knight is PVF’s emphatic choice.

An active and Reserve Army Veteran and former police officer, Steve is energetic and passionate about focusing on issues such as those affecting veterans, small businesses and aerospace.

Challenger, Democrat Katie Hill, wants better services for mental health and drug addiction treatment for veterans, both very worthy causes.

Yet, Congressman Knight is a proven commodity; he won by 54% in a district that Hillary Clinton won by 7% in 2016. Hence, there is much focus on this marginal race.

The last FEC report shows Knight had raised about $2.1 million with $400,000 left on hand. The challenger, Hill, had outraised him with $6.2 million and over $2.3 million left.

Night and Day, Knight is the One for Our Veterans

Congressman Knight is most worthy to be re-elected.  He and his office are a known “go to” place and make veterans a top priority.  

CALIFORNIA 39th – Los Angeles Area 

How could veterans or the voters go wrong with a candidate who won the Mega Millions in 2010 and set up a veteran philanthropy with part of the winnings!!!??? That candidate is Navy Veteran and Democratic challenger Gil Cisneros for the open seat for California’s 39th District; he pledges to defend the Post 9/11 GI Bill and demands top quality medical care for all veterans.

Republican Young Kim, a state Assemblywoman who worked for the outgoing incumbent Congressman Ed Royce for 25 years, is strong for homeless veterans and making the VA accountable.

What Would You Do With Lottery Millions?

These are two strong candidates for veterans, but the clear call goes to the lottery winner who has already formed a Veterans’ Steering Committee consisting of local veterans.

Based on the last FEC report, Kim had raised about $2.2 million and had over $300,000 cash on hand.

Cisneros raised over $9.9 million with just under $300,000 cash on hand. He probably put in lots of his own money himself!

Gil Cisneros is the Top Choice for PVF and a person who will not forget our veterans.

ILLINOIS 6th – just West of Chicago

Democratic challenger Sean Casten is the manifest and unambiguous choice in this “thought to be a tight race” against Congressman Peter Roskam, even though he won his last term by 59%.

But, how hard is it to put up a page on a campaign website outlining your veterans platform? Roskam has nothing about veterans on his site.  In his 6th term, he went to Washington and seemingly forgot about veterans.

Here is a Real Platform for Veterans!

Sean Casten, on the other hand, has a 10-point platform relaying what he will do for veterans in Congress, including making the VA a leader in national health care reform by filling the estimated 30,000 vacancies with qualified doctors and medical staff, while reducing wait times.  Wow, this is a Veterans Platform!

He goes on. He will strengthen and expand the 2014 Choice Act that enables veterans to obtain care from private doctors in some cases and fully funds the Post-9/11 GI Bill, allowing service members to transfer their benefits to family members.

On his website, Sean says: “Providing veterans with education, healthcare and employment when they return to civilian life is not just the morally right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do.”

The last FEC report shows that the incumbent was able to use his status to raise $5.8 million with $1.8 million on hand. Casten raised a little over $4.7 million and had $1.3 million left.

Send Sean Casten to the United State Congress!

Speaking of websites…how hard is it to include even a brief platform about veterans on a campaign site?  Not a priority?  Forgot?  Don’t care?


CALIFORNIA 48th – centered on Huntington Beach

Incumbent Congressman Republican Dana Rohraback also has nothing on his campaign site about veterans. His challenger, Harley Rouda, says he and his wife are involved in the community to support veterans, but there is no platform!

Wake up People, Smell the Coffee. Keep an eye on these two to see who can possibly be a strong candidate for our veterans. For now, they are keeping it secret.

KANSAS  3rd – Kansas City Area

Kansas’ 3rd District is another swing district, and one where Republican Congressman and attorney, Kevin Yoder, won by only 51% in 2016.

Another attorney and former White House Fellow, Democrat Sharice Davids, is opposing the incumbent.

Winning Slogan?  A Champ for Vets and Not a Lawyer!

Neither of these two candidates have anything of consequence about veterans on their campaign websites.

Veterans, veterans’ supporters, and the national media need to press these two candidates to see how they will stand for those who served.

If another candidate for this seat recruited a few volunteers to create human billboards and stand beside the busy highways, they might win.

Billboards:  Riley for Congress. I support Vets. Not a lawyer!

Since 2010, Put Vets First! PAC has worked to make veterans a top national priority by supporting the election of Champions for Veterans, raising the profile of veterans nationwide and opposing the election of those who treat veterans as an afterthought.