FINAL CALLS for Midterm election 2018

Released: November 1, 2018



Vets’ PAC Backs Candidates in Tightest Races

Closer Than Close Contests in MO, CA, KS, KY, MN & NJ

Put Vets First PAC (PVF) does not care what side of the aisle you stand on; it is all about veterans. Which candidate is the most prominent supporter of American Veterans? Who has the fighting spirit for veterans? Who can veterans count on when they need help? Who believes veterans are more than just a photo-op?

Election 2018 is days away! Right now, the Senate has two seats that can flip, while the House has 23. The majority of PACs focus on supporting candidates based on political party. PVF does not do that; we do not pick the side of Republican or Democrat. We support those who are champions for American Veterans.

In the home stretch to the 2018 elections, PVF is concentrating its focus on the most pivotal elections - the toss up seats. The support of veterans often makes the difference for victories.


In one of the most closely watched races in the nation, PVF gives the nod to Josh Hawley (R), the current Attorney General in Missouri. In May, he set up a Veterans’ Advisory Council, whereas the incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill had many chances to affirm a generic Veterans’ Bill of Rights; she did not even respond. Hawley has already shown he will stand up for American Veterans.


California 45

Congresswoman Mimi Walters (R) earns the ardent support of PVF PAC for an established record of fighting to make the VA accountable. Law professor Katie Porter (D) is a worthy opponent, but she only has a paragraph on her website about 21 million American Veterans. Ms. Walters has raised approximately $3.8 million and had just under $1 million cash on hand at the time of the latest filing. Keep Mimi in the House to stand for vets!

Kansas 2

West Point graduate and combat veteran Steve Watkins deserves the support of a grateful nation. He raised less than his opponent by almost $2 million. The Democratic challenger for this open seat, Paul Davis, supported the Kansas Military Bill of Rights as a State Senator, but retired Army Officer Watkins is a sure bet to boost vets in Kansas and nationwide despite his lower fundraising numbers.

Kentucky 6

Thought to be the bellwether House District of the entire country, this contest has much to like about both candidates. Amy McGrath, the challenging Democrat, graduated from the Naval Academy and has had an illustrious military career.

Incumbent Congressman Andy Barr, who won by 60% in 2016, affirmed the Veterans’ Bill or Rights. The polls close early in Kentucky, and this race will probably point the way to which party will control the House. Cong. Barr has raised $4.3 million and had $1.2 million cash on hand at the time of the last filing. Voters in the 6th District cannot go wrong with either candidate; yet, Congressman Barr is a proven champion for veterans who gets the nod from PVF PAC.

Minnesota 8

Joe Radinovich (D) gets the full support from PVF for this open seat because he has a platform that addresses the health care needs of veterans: he wants to cut red tape at the VA and reduce wait times. Both candidates have raised similar amounts of $1.3 million and $1.5 million respectively. The Republican opponent, St. Louis County Commissioner Peter Stauber, only has a sentence about veterans on his campaign website’s Issues page. His wife is a veteran, but that is not enough. Joe is a better choice for veterans in this very swing district. Go with Joe!

New Jersey 3

Congressman Tom MacArthur is a stalwart supporter of veterans, having affirmed the Veterans’ Bill of Rights. His office is always reliable when it comes to supporting legislation aimed at helping those who served in military uniform. Challenger Andy Kim is a Rhodes Scholar who worked at the White House on counterterrorism. He is an impressive person. Cong. MacArthur raised about $3.6 million according to the latest filing, while Mr. Kim raised $4.4 million. Still, the voters of the 3rd District are urged to re-elect Tom for a third term. He is the Real Deal for American Veterans. 


Since 2010, Put Vets First! PAC has worked to make veterans a top national priority by supporting the election of Champions for Veterans, raising the profile of veterans nationwide and opposing the election of those who treat veterans as an afterthought.